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Mmm… Bondage

mmm-bondage.gifWhile Gabby is away, the Kitty must play. Or she will, if she can get out the door before Gabby comes home and catches her. And the last thing Kitty wants is to get caught! See, there’s this boy and… Gabby will hear none of it. If Kitty doesn’t remember what she was taught when she was a baby, then I guess she’ll just have to be a baby all over again. Continue reading

Brats in Trouble pt 2

brats-in-trouble-pt-2.gifGabriella has a very special punishment in mind for Kitty and Christopher. But that doesn’t deter Kitty any, and she continues to backtalk and sass Gabriella, egging on Christopher. But we soon find out that sweet, innocent looking Christopher isn’t without his own naughty streak! Continue reading

Rivals pt 2

rivals-pt-2.gifPoor Felicity is in her cheerleader outfit and she’s horny. She really wants to be put back in diapers, but she isn’t sure how to ask. When Kat gets to school, Felicity lets her know how much she enjoyed herself. Kat thinks it’s pretty funny that the head cheerleader wants to be put back in diapers. How sweet! Kat decides to enjoy herself now. Continue reading

Three Schoolgirls pt 4

three-schoolgirls-pt-4.gifFelicity is feeling a little feisty, so Luke pulls down her tights and gives her a spanking. When her hands “inadvertently” get in the way, Luke has to tie her up next to Lily. In the meantime, Kitty has such a potty mouth that Mister Luke has to give her a pacifier gag. Too bad now he can’t hear a word she says. Continue reading

Baby Girl pt 2 – High-Definition! (1920×1080)

baby-girl-pt-2.gifLittle Felicity is playing in her room when something terrible happens! Oh no! She has an accident in her newly changed diapers. She just wasn’t paying attention. Miss Kat comes in and soothes Felicity’s fears. This is why Felicity is in diapers. She’s in them because she needs them. Miss Kat examines the evidence.
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More Than They Bargained For part 3

more-than-they-bargained-for-part-3.gifPoor little Christopher is just so horny that Sasha has a terrible time getting him locked into his chastity device. Kitty straddles Christopher’s chest and tries smacking Christopher’s pee pee until it shrinks enough to be crammed into the chastity device, but it just won’t go!

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I Will Not Pee Pee on the Floor

IWillNotPeePeeOnTheFloor.gifGabby and Christopher have a big test in Miss Kat’s class, and Gabby is being a handful, as usual. Not only is she being a handful, but she’s making things very difficult for poor little Christopher (who is trying very hard to finish her test despite the fact that she has to go potty).

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Masturbating In Diapers

MasturbatingInDiapers.gifJesse and Christopher have been naughty boys, and Mommy Sasha has sent them to their room. But boys will be boys, and soon the conversation turns to sneaking peeks at young ladies. The boys both end up with their hands down the front of their diapers when Mommy Sasha catches them in the act of masturbating without permission.
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Caught Sneaking Out

CaughtSneakingOut.gifDiapered schoolgirl Gabriella has gotten herself in trouble for not doing her homework, so she’s been grounded to her room for the afternoon. Gabby has no intention of staying inside though, so she sneaks out to the balcony to see if she can climb over the rail (all the while giving us a lovely view of her thick Cushie underneath her school uniform skirt).
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Accident After Prom

AccidentAfterProm.gifKitty stumbles home the morning after partying all night for her prom and immediately falls fast asleep on her bed. But thanks to all that partying she awakes to Gabriella asking her why she wet her bed! When Kitty argues with Gabriella she earns herself a punishment diapering.
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Horny Diapered Kitten

HornyDiaperedKitten.gifLittle Kitty is diapered, wearing her pretty kitty ears, and (what else?) horny! She spends some quality time with her vibrator, meowing, moaning, and wiggling, while trying to rub herself to an orgasm in her thick diaper. Eventually the feisty little kitten pulls down her tights, untapes one side of her diaper, and gets herself off while Mommy Gabriella watches.
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Bailey’s Punishment

20101201.gifMiss Michele wakes up her adult baby girls Bailey and Kitty with a surprise… breast milk! The two girls nurse on Michele’s breasts until they get very horny and decide to break out the vibrators. Naughty little Bailey gets a little too into her vibrator and cums without permission from her mommy.
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