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TablesTurnedOnSasha.gifAdult baby girls Bailey, Kitty, and Lily are fed up with wearing diapers and training panties. They think that it's about time Sasha got a taste of her own medicine though. After they convince Sasha to let them play outside the playpen, the the girls pounce and soon have Sasha naked and tied down on the crib! The girls thoroughly enjoy teasing Sasha while they humiliate, put her into thick disposable diapers, and treat her like a baby.
TattleTaleLily.gifEven though it's against the rules, diapered schoolgirls Kitty and Bailey just can't keep their hands off each other. But when tattle tale Lily tells on them, the two girls find themselves on the receiving end of a spanking from Sasha. So naturally, at the first opportunity, they try to take their revenge on Lily by pinning her down and spanking her diapered butt!
JessesHumiliatingPunishment.gifJesse has gotten into trouble at school for playing with matches, and Sasha has picked him up from school and driven him home. When he whines about getting in trouble (even though he's thickly diapered and strapped into a car seat), Sasha decides that he needs a more severe punishment than usual. And when Jesse thinks it's a good idea to cuss in front of little Christopher, Sasha pulls out the soap.
MoreThanTheyBargainedForpart1.gifKitty stops Christopher and Jesse on their way home from school and convinces them to come "study" with her while Sasha isn't home. They start fooling around, and the boys find out that Kitty is dressed in a diaper. Kitty's strong advances (and willingness to take off her clothes) convince the boys to make out with her.
Sasha'sRegressiveTherapypart2.gifKitty's been regressed into a baby girl by her therapist, Sasha, and now she finds herself in a wet diaper! Not to worry though, Sasha helps little Kitty up onto the changing table for a change into fresh, clean, cloth diapers. Sasha takes Kitty's regression even farther after the diaper change, making Kitty so little that she has a hard time walking on her own! Poor little Kitty gets so upset by this development that she starts to cry, and Sasha comforts Kitty by breastfeeding her.
Sasha'sRegressionTherapypart1.gifKatherine has been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety lately, and her therapist, Sasha, thinks that regression therapy might be helpful for her. They start off the session slowly until Katherine is comfortable and relaxed. Sasha guides her through her regression into Little Kitty. First things first, Kitty gets changed out of her big girl clothes and into an adorable pink cloth diaper and plastic pants.
KittyGetsTheBoysInTroublepart2.gifChristopher and Jesse have gotten into trouble with Sasha too many times, and Sasha has decided they need a new punishment. The thickly diapered boys are told to kneel on the floor facing each other, and Sasha produces a bar of soap for the two of them. One end of the bar goes into Christopher's mouth, and the other end goes into Jesse's mouth.
SchoolgirlKittyGetsTheBoysInTroublepart1.gifAlways the instigator, diapered schoolgirl Kitty does her best to tempt her classmates Jesse and Christopher away from their studies. While the teacher is away Kitty convinces the boys to take off their shirts, and then their pants, and soon the three of them have their hands in their diapers and their lips on each other. Naturally Sasha catches them in the act and puts Kitty into the playpen to take a nap. Kitty isn't happy with the situation and throws a tantrum before finally quieting down.
LockingPlasticFiascopart2.gifWith naught AB girls Kitty and Bailey already confined to locking plastic pants, Lily is next to be locked into her diapers. The three naughty girls are all bent over the side of the crib for a spanking as further punishment for playing with themselves without permission. After the spanking, although Baily and Kitty promise "not to do anything" to Lily, they pounce on her and lock Lily in the crib as soon as Sasha leaves the room!
CrankySchoolgirl.gif Diapered schoolgirl Kitty doesn't want to pick up her toys, and she's mad at Miss Sasha for keeping her in from recess. When Kitty refuses to pick up after herself she finds herself on her hands and knees (diapered bottom on display) in time out. Even when given another chance, Kitty still doesn't cooperate and finds herself on the receiving end of a spanking! Kitty reluctantly puts her toys away, but then the diapered girl is gets even more tired and cranky.
SoggyBallerina.gif Adult baby girl Kitty is being a very good and playful little girl for her Miss Sasha. Dressed in a fun blue ballerina dress (with a soggy Bambino Bianco peaking out from under her hem), Kitty is much more interested in playing with her doll house than getting her diapered changed. It takes a little convincing, but eventually Sasha encourages Kitty to strip down to her wet diaper for a change. And, since Kitty has been such a good girl, Sasha agrees when Kitty chooses a pull up to wear instead of another baby diaper.
LockingPlasticPantsFiascopart1.gif Diapered AB girls Bailey, Kitty, and Lily are supposed to be good girls and keep their naughty fingers out of their diapers when they don't have permission to play with themselves. But when Sasha's away, the baby girls will play! Lily starts the fun by playing with the vibrator over her cloth diapers and plastic pants. Soon though, she and Kitty are slipping out of their cloth diapers, and Bailey out of her training panties, to have a little more "intimate" time together.
TeaseAndDenial.gif Little Kitty is being a good girl for Miss Sasha. Kitty's been put into very thick cloth diapers and a pair of heavy, locking plastic pants. A pair of leather mitts over her hands make sure that Kitty has no chance of pleasuring herself at all. After Kitty licks Miss Sasha's pussy to two lovely orgasms, Sasha decides Kitty still doesn't get to cum. When Kitty sees the vibrator plugged into the wall nearby, she decides to clumsily turn it on and try to rub herself to a diapered orgasm.

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