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NotAGirl.gif Little Jeffrey is woken up from his nap by Miss Kat and gets a nice surprise - Kat is feeling a little horny and wants her adult baby boy to nurse on her breasts while she masturbates. While Jeffrey sucks hungrily on Kat's nipples and breasts, she rubs the front of his diaper and teases him about the bulge in his thick disposable diaper. When Jeffrey asks Miss Kat for permission to cum, Kat stops playing with him and denies him an orgasm.
20101106.gifMiss Kat's nursery school is full of well-behaved little sissies for a reason, she deals with misbehavior swiftly and effectively! Sissy Rebecca's mistress has sent her to Miss Kat's nursery school to learn how to be a good little girl, but Rebecca can't seem to keep from wetting the thick, humiliating Classy Comfort disposable diapers she's been sent to school in. Kat sends Rebecca to time out for some time to think about why she can't seem to remember to use the potty like a big girl. 

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