Sasha's Regressive Therapy part 2

Sasha'sRegressiveTherapypart2.gifKitty's been regressed into a baby girl by her therapist, Sasha, and now she finds herself in a wet diaper! Not to worry though, Sasha helps little Kitty up onto the changing table for a change into fresh, clean, cloth diapers. Sasha takes Kitty's regression even farther after the diaper change, making Kitty so little that she has a hard time walking on her own! Poor little Kitty gets so upset by this development that she starts to cry, and Sasha comforts Kitty by breastfeeding her.
Once feeding time is over Kitty is a sleepy, yawning little fairy princess, so Sasha puts her into the crib for a nap.

Run time: 10 minutes
Price: $10
Available Format(s):
     Apple Quicktime (.mov), 720x480

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