Bailey Is Horny

BaileyIsHorny.gifBeing put into thick cloth diapers, locking plastic pants, and confined in the playpen has made Bailey one very horny adult baby girl. She knows that Miss Kat does not allow her to touch herself without permission though, so Bailey asks Miss Kat to spank her and play with her so she can relieve the sexual itch that she just can't scratch. Miss Kat takes her down into the dungeon and puts Bailey on all fours on the bondage table for a spanking over her moistened diapers.
As Bailey writhes in desire and frustration, Miss Kat switches to a hairbrush and then her hand. Bailey, eager to please Miss Kat so that she'll be allowed a chance to play with herself, tells Miss Kat that she's been a bad little girl and that she wants to be Miss Kat's little diaper bitch. Miss Kat decides to remove Bailey's locking plastic pants so that she can more effectively spank the horny baby girl. All this teasing and spanking has Bailey so worked up that she can barely keep herself from plunging her fingers into her dripping wet pussy, so Miss Kat puts wrist cuffs on her and binds her hands safely away from her diapers. Next, off comes the diaper and out comes the vibrator! Helpless and restrained, Bailey can only buck and hump into the vibrator while Miss Kat brings her to one orgasm after another. And even though Bailey would have been satisfied with one or two orgasms, Miss Kat makes the poor girl cum three times before relenting. Done playing with her little diaper girl, Miss Kat wraps Bailey's sopping wet pussy back up into her diapers while explaining that Bailey's had enough orgasms for one day. She'll be locked back into her plastic pants until Miss Kat decides she can play again.

Run time: 18 minutes
Price: $15
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     Apple Quicktime (.mov), 720x480

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I love her! She is so sexy and so hot!

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